Title Pressure vessel integrity and weld inspection procedure.
Author Solomon, Kenneth A. ; Okrent, David ; Kastenberg, William E.
Publisher University of California at Los Angeles, school of energy and applied science (1975)
Abstract The primary objective of this study is to develop a simple methodology which, when coupled with existing observations on pressure vessel behavior, provides an inter-relation between nuclear pressure vessel weld integrity and the parameters of the in-service inspection program, including inspection sample size, frequency, and efficiency. The basic input information on rate of generation and development of weld flaws of different sizes and types is drawn primarily from published British and German studies. The British and German data is taken almost exclusively from welds of non nuclear pressure vessels. The input information is varied to reflect differences in weld quality and uncertainty of input data.
Description: Grant GI-39416
Subject: Technological hazards
Nuclear power
Cost-benefit analysis
Risk assessment
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10590/7751
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