Title Evidence for the effect of homes on wildfire suppression costs.
Author Gude, Patricia H. ; Greenwood, Mark C. ; Jones, Kingsford ; Rasker, Ray
Journal International Journal of Wildland Fire. 2013. 22(4) : 537-548.
Abstract This paper uses wildfires in the Sierra Nevada area of California to estimate the relationship between housing and fire suppression costs. Researchers investigated whether the presence of homes was associated with increased costs of firefighting after controlling for the effects of potential confounding variables including fire size, weather, terrain and human factors such as road access. The paper analyses costs at the daily level, retaining information that would have been lost had the data been aggregated. Linear mixed models were used to estimate the effects of homes on daily costs while incorporating within-fire variation. The study concludes that the expected increase in the log daily cost with each unit increase in the log count of homes within 6 miles (,9.7 km) of an active fire is 0.07 (P¼0.005). The findings of this study are in agreement with most other previous empirical studies that have investigated the relationship between fire suppression costs and housing using cumulative fire costs and more generalized data on home locations. The study adds to mounting evidence that increases in housing lead to increases in fire suppression costs.
Subject: Suppression costs
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10590/7748
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