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  • Gordon, James A. (Rothstein Associates Inc., 2002)
    This book is intended to be a "how to" guide for the local government employee designated to be the Emergency Program Coordinator. Based heavily on the Canadian context and the British Columbia experience specifically, it ...
  • Solomon, Kenneth A.; Okrent, David; Kastenberg, William E. (University of California at Los Angeles, school of energy and applied science, 1975-02)
    The primary objective of this study is to develop a simple methodology which, when coupled with existing observations on pressure vessel behavior, provides an inter-relation between nuclear pressure vessel weld integrity ...
  • Wang, Leon R.L.; O'Rourke, Michael J. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, department of civil engineering., 1978-01)
    This paper presents state of the art information on the behavior and design of buried lifelines such as submerged tunnels, gas, water and sewer distribution lines subjected to earthquakes. Specifically, a survey of pipelines ...
  • Gude, Patricia H.; Greenwood, Mark C.; Jones, Kingsford; Rasker, Ray (2013-01-03)
    This paper uses wildfires in the Sierra Nevada area of California to estimate the relationship between housing and fire suppression costs. Researchers investigated whether the presence of homes was associated with increased ...
  • Graham, N.A.J.; Cinner, J.E.; McClanahan, T.R.; Daw, T.M.; Maina, J.; Stead, S.M.; Wamukota, A.; Brown, K.; Bodin, O. (2011-11-08)
    Coral reefs support the livelihood of millions of people especially those engaged in marine fisheries activities. Coral reefs are highly vulnerable to climate change induced stresses that have led to substantial coral ...

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